Wed 06 Mar 2019

Lakin McCarthy presents

Stuart Maconie - Jarrow, the Road to the Deep South

In October 2016, writers and broadcaster Stuart Maconie walked 300 miles from Jarrow to London retracing the famous Jarrow Crusade 80 years on, through a divided, complex country that echoes 1936 in many ways.

From choral evensong to curry house, from austerity to affluence, from Wearside to Westminster, join him on an entertaining, impassioned, enlightening journey through Britain then and now.

Stuart is a bestselling author of travel, culture and social history books as well as one of Britain's best known radio presenters across many BBC networks.


Maconie's book is not only a heartfelt tribute to Wilkinson and the marchers, but a reaffirmation of the role of the personal within the political, and a rallying call for anyone stirred by the story of Jarrow.

The Guardian

'Rich' 'evocative' 'Part travelogue, part history, part examination of a nation in flux, it is all delight. Indeed it is hard to think of a better guide than Maconie'. 'Never for a moment does he reach for the favoured tools of modern observation: sarcasm, cynicism and misanthropy.

Mail on Sunday, Event Magazine

Maconie's passion for places and his pungent turn of phrase also call to mind Ian Nain, who would dignify unfashionable towns with serious appraisal.

New Statesman

Maconie is a thoughtful guide. Long Road from Jarrow is deeply felt, gentle in mood and offers a fine tribute to the poor souls who pointed him the way. He clearly thinks well of his countrymen and women, and anybody who reads this book is likely to think well of him.

The Times

Jarrow is an insightful, impassioned and witty voyage through the landscape of Brexit Britain that serves both as travelogue and social commentary, exploring the striking differences – and equally stark parallels – between the Englands of 1936 and 2016.

Waitrose Weekend

In the course of half a dozen books, Stuart Maconie has found clever and commercial angles on what used to be called the provinces.

Times Literary Supplement