Sat 15 Apr 2017

Blowfish Theatre presents

Boris the Musical!

In these upsetting times, it's important to have something to laugh about. Hence, "Boris - The Musical", the satirical tale of Britain's finest politiclown.

Watch the rise, fall and (unfortunate) rise again of our new Foreign Secretary. Hear the (soon to be) smash hits, "I'm talking about Brexit", "Posh Lads" and "BeLeave!" Be welcomed by Boris (and best friend Michael Gove) into the Church of Brexit.

Part biography, part farce, part songtastic satire, "Boris" is the five star musical for people who don't like musicals. We've got punk, we've got pop, we've got gospel. Hell, we've even got a sexy tango called "Me and My Johnson".

As for Boris (played by our larger-than-life David Burchhardt), don't be surprised if you get to meet him or at least touch his coat-tails in passing. After all, BoJo isn't known to be shy.

So come along and laugh your socks off for an hour at the state of the world... before returning to your grim, unavoidable reality.

(Recommended age 14+)


Five stars, hilariously surreal political satire... Go see it!

Kat Cowan, BBC Radio Sheffield

A hilarious evening from a very talented cast.

The Star, Sheffield

Seriously funny! It should go nationwide.

Mark Ansell, BBC Look North