Thu 14 - Sat 16 Apr 2016

The Dancehouse & Edge Street Live presents

New Dawn Fades “A Play About Joy Division and Manchester”

Acclaimed play New Dawn Fades – A Play About Joy Division and Manchester, which chronicles the rise and fall of the influential post-punk band and the suicide of lead singer Ian Curtis, is set to tour England in March/April 2016.

New Dawn Fades – A Play About Joy Division and Manchester, which premiered at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in July 2013, stars Michael Whittaker as Ian Curtis, Natalie Perry as Debbie Curtis and Lee Joseph as Tony Wilson. It is a classic tale of four ordinary lads from Manchester, Salford and Macclesfield who, inspired by the punk revolution of the 1970s, came together to form one of the most influential bands of all time, Joy Division.

This unique production places the band within the context of Manchester's history, taking inspiration from Curtis' enigmatic lyrics and featuring Tony Wilson – band manager, journalist and legend – as he interviews an array of the city's real-life historical characters such as Roman General Julius Agricola, Dr John Dee (Elizabeth the First's notorious adviser/astronomer), Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels, William Burroughs, and the Buzzcocks. Wilson guides the audience through 2000 years of history and his involvement with Joy Division in his inimitable way, with tears, laughter and memories of how things were, how things are and how things might be again.

I was crying. It was very emotional at the end. It captured everything perfectly. I loved it; it had everything – the music and the emotion... there was such a buzz in the building.

Rowetta, Happy Mondays

A smash hit at the Greater Manchester Fringe Festival in July 2013, the production was subsequently staged at the Macclesfield WinterFest in Ian Curtis' home town, where it played to capacity audiences and standing ovations. In March 2014, a one-off performance at Manchester's Dancehouse Theatre was another big seller and achieved another standing ovation. Tickets are now on sale for the 2016 tour.

New Dawn Fades – A Play About Joy Division and Manchester will be touring London, Bury St Edmonds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Leeds Bury between 29 March and 23 April 2016. Tickets are now on sale at all venues.

New Dawn Fades – A Play About Joy Division and Manchester is written by Brian Gorman (creator of Everyman: The Story Of Patrick McGoohan – The Prisoner, co-writer of the 2013 stage version of Blade Runner, and writer/artist of the Joy Division graphic novel). The producers are Brian Gorman and Giles Bastow of All Roads Meet. The play is directed by James Foster.


...a spellbinding and brilliant play about one of the greatest bands of all time. I totally urge anyone left out there who believes in music to go and see it.

John Robb, Louder Than War

New Dawn Fades is more than a play about Joy Division; it's about Manchester, friendship, love and heartbreak... it's clear this is a piece full of energy.

Tracey Lowe, The Good Review

It's all very entertaining and works unexpectedly well, especially at capturing the spirit of the times...

Kevin Bourke, Manchester Evening News

This is a very ambitious play and (the director) works wonders to achieve many complex scenes with style.

Dave Cunningham, The Public Reviews

A powerful and irresistible glimpse of an exciting time for the development of Manchester, Salford and alternative pop culture.

Matt Charlton,

Let's just say, this is an experience you won't easily forget.

Mary O'Meara, Mudkiss Magazine