Thu 23 May 2019

The Dancehouse presents

Jerry Sadowitz - Make Comedy GRATE Again!

What is now known as politically incorrect comedy used to simply be called JERRY SADOWITZ.

He is still also the best, which is why, after very little television exposure and publicity, he continues to fill theatres to lovers of comedy who are not afraid to boldly go where others skirt around.

"Comedy you find offensive is the tax you pay for all the comedy you find funny" is a quote from Britain's most offensive comic.

Sadowitz is THE most plagiarized comedian in the world today influencing comics both here and abroad and even some comics who started out before him and have now adopted a slightly more acceptable version of his subjects and style.

Hard to reconcile but true, is the fact that Sadowitz is also quite literally one of the very best card magicians on the planet, both creatively and technically. So much so, that tricks that no other magician in the world would dare to do live, he does with such easy facility, that you would think he was using a trick pack of cards. Many of the tricks he does in his show are his own original inventions.

"I can do my whole show with a pack of cards borrowed from anyone in the audience" he says and that would be true.

Suitable for ages 18+ only.


The most exciting act in town.

The Metro

Funniest comedian in Britain.

The Guardian

World class sleight of hand magician.

Evening Standard