Thu 07 Mar 2019

Prosopa Events presents

Under the Stars - Greek Theatre Show

This show has been cancelled due to lack of participation, please call us on 0161 813 2222 for information on claiming a refund.

Please note, this production is performed in Greek.

Prosopa Events and Alfa Idea are delighted to present the theatre play "Under the stars - Οι κάτω απ' τ' αστέρια" for two shows in London, followed by one in Manchester and one in Amsterdam.

A unique play, written, directed and performed by very talented and awarded young Greek actors. A play that will bring you memories from summer romances of your youth.

"Under the stars - Οι κάτω απ' τ' αστέρια"
Late 80s, early 90s. Small Greek town on an Aegean island. Menita and Nickolis go to the same school, spend their summer holidays together, dream together, make love, fall in love "for ever". But years go by and – as it happens – reality prevails.

Despite their choices, Menita and Nickolis still leave their mark on each other. Among them, there is a wild fire burning.

This is the final showdown of two lovers trapped by their choices. This is their final meeting full of emotion, humor, conflict and nostalgia. A bittersweet story about great expectations and harsh reality, about leaving behind the sunny beaches and Greek summers of the age of innocence, about falling in love and growing up "under the stars".

"In your eyes something dark was shining. But the butterflies in my stomach kept on tickling me. And, in these cases, butterflies never get it wrong"

"Under the stars - Οι κάτω απ' τ' αστέρια"
Creative team:
Directed by: Lila Baklesi, Konstantinos Bibis and Artemis Grympla
Written by:Tilemachos Tsardakas
Scenographer: Antonis Chalkias
Lighting Design: Cecilia Tselepidi
Pictures: Sofoklis Bibis
Production: Prosopa Events & K2L ALFA-Idea
The cast:
Lila Baklesi
Konstantinos Bibis
Duration: 70 minutes - no interval