The Dancehouse presents

The Dancehouse presents...
Our programme of regular events

Throughout the year we're proud to host a number of recurring events in association with various national and local production partners including cabaret, dance and cinema evenings.


Produced by The Dancehouse & Mondo Arts

Live from the Airing Cupboard

Hosted by the irrepressible Red Redmond, Live from the Airing Cupboard features some of the best up-and-coming performers in the UK along with some very special guests. Open the cupboard door to a gloriously unpredictable showcase of great comedy, satire, spoken word, dance and anything else wondrous.

Mondo Arts

Mondo Arts is a creative agency working with practitioners, performers and businesses. The team is dedicated to delivering a range of events, workshops, design and art, showcasing the very best in emerging creativity.

  • Dom Harbot, Producer
  • James Foster, Creative Director
  • Cressida Jones, Designer

Resident Performers

Red Redmond

Red Redmond never ceases to amuse, he has entertained audiences from Manchester to Prague and at festivals such as Latitude and Blissfields. In addition to performing his own material, Red now runs Manchester's ultimate indie comedy club - Dead Cat Comedy Club. Powerful comedy from a skinny ginger gentlemen.

Thick Richard

Writer and punk poet Thick Richard brings us deep and meaningful tales ranging from Stockport and its evolutionary horrors to philosophical ponderings on the nature of a fried breakfast. Thick Richard is a master of fast-paced monologues and metaphors that can have audiences blushing and laughing out loud at the same time.

Sketchy Theatre

Sketchy Theatre is a comedy trio struggling to come to terms with life. They decided to morph their tears, frustration and disappointment into writing and performing the epitome of tragic character and awkward situations, shot through with lashings of innuendo. Cheeky and dark. 

International Comedy


Kabareton is a UK based polish promotion company who bring established Polish entertainers to the UK for the benefit of the large resident polish community. The Dancehouse has worked with Kabareton for nearly a decade with Polish TV stars such as Ani Mru Mru and Kabaret Neo-Nowka among our regular visitors.

Kabaret Neo-Nowka

The Neo-Nowka cabaret is one of the most recognizable and popular Polish younger generation comedy groups. These three performers from Wroclaw have created distinct and sophisticated characters that brilliantly reflect the Polish mentality, virtues and vices. Their sketch Heaven quickly became a hugely successful hit in their home country. Neo-Nowka are known for their light-hearted attitude, intelligence and ability to improvise in every situation. They have performed internationally and are often seen on Polish television.

Ani Mru-Mru

Ani Mru-Mru are regular and very welcome guests among the large Polish community in Britain, having performed over eighty outstanding shows across many cities in the UK. The trio from the Polish city of Lubin have been successfully performing around the world since 1999 and are undoubtedly one of the most popular groups on the Polish comedy scene. They have created many iconic characters and their skits, such as Tofik, Chinese Restaurant and The Opening of a Supermarket are legendary.


Northern Ballet School

Our sister company Northern Ballet School is an international centre of excellence not just in classical ballet but also in other forms including musical theatre. Such is the quality of training that 98% of the students go on to full-time work across many areas of the arts and entertainment industry.

Every year the school produces a number of shows in our fine auditorium to sell-out audiences.

Our Spring show

Each Spring, Northern Ballet School's musical theatre performance company Jazzgalore treats audiences to a vibrantly choreographed and costumed celebration of jazz, tap, ballet, contemporary dance and songs from popular musicals.

Our Summer show

A Showcase of Dance is the annual Summer show that brings together Jazzgalore and the school's ballet company Manchester City Ballet. Adding vocal and dramatic elements to the dance routines, the show is a feast for the eyes and ears of music and dance lovers of all ages.

Our Christmas show

The Christmas Show from Northern Ballet School is a sumptuous classical ballet performed in full by Manchester City Ballet. Previous productions have included The Nutcracker, Giselle, Coppélia and Swan Lake.

Produced by The Dancehouse
& our evening & weekend classes partners

Move It!

Move It! is a dance show choreographed and performed by members of our various evening and weekend classes, giving them a rare chance to work with our professional technical team on one of the largest stages in Manchester.

From ballet to tap, street dance to contemporary, Move It! is a great way to enjoy an exciting blend of dance styles. We hope that as well as being entertained you'll also be inspired to get involved in our evening and weekend class programme yourself.

Our classes


Grimm Up North

The team at Grimm Up North pride themselves on bringing you the very best in horror, cult, extreme fantasy and sci-fi movies with regular screenings at The Dancehouse.

Our cinematic roots

The Dancehouse originally opened as the Regal Twin Cinema in 1930, for more on that story see Our history. Recently we thought it would be great to return to our proud roots, showing great movies in the original Art Deco surroundings. We're sure you'll love the very distinctive result.

Grimmfest - The annual October film festival

If you love brand new and classic horror, cult, extreme fantasy and sci-fi movies then this is for you – Grimmfest has quickly become the premiere UK festival of genre film outside London. 

The Dancehouse is delighted to host this uniquely grisly festival with film premieres, celebrity guests from the movies and expert talks. 

Grimmfest at The Dancehouse - One of '21 Stylish Cinemas You Must Visit Before You Die'

We were thrilled that the influential indie entertainment website BuzzFeed gave us their vote, making special mention of our presentation of Dario Argento's horror classic Suspiria with a live score by Goblin.