Tue 30 Sep - Wed 01 Oct 2014

The Invisible Dot presents

Tim Key “Single White Slut”

Key (37 now) climbs into his poetry clothes and leans against his mic stand for another seventy minutes. Now charming, he will recollect simple tales of love, gaze dead-eyed at the ladies, recite verse and do basic talking.

This is one art house form-buster who can really give you a good time.

The Times 

A lot of fairly grubby water's sloshed under Key's bridge of late so he'll be churning that up. He's also fairly interested to lift the lid on Hollywood. There'll be some Indian poetry, Indian beer and, if he can get his act together, a spotlight. Other potential themes will be owls and maybe fairies.

A brand new show from the Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner, Time Out Comedy Performer Of The Year, and star of Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.


This is sublime, busy and evocative work from a man who keeps getting better and better.

The List 

In any other sphere apart from comedy, we'd probably class this way of looking at the world as certifiable. Here it feels like genius.

The Telegraph

He's a genius plain and simple.

Time Out

An indefinably crackers hour.

The Independent