Fri 13 Nov 2009

Joe Rogan

"Now I understand why Bill Hicks loved England so much" Joe Rogan after first appearing in Manchester.

Joe Rogan is BACK! After making his UK debut in Manchester in 2007 and selling out venues in London, Belfast, Dublin, Newcastle and Birmingham the host of NBC's "Fear Factor" and star of "NewsRadio" returns to the true Capital city with a set loaded full of politics, sex and much more. Joe Rogan didn't set out to be a comedian. Nor, for that matter, did he set out to be an actor. He really didn't set out to be anything. But a series of circumstances have conspired to make him one of the hottest stand-ups working today.

Rogan was first recognized as a great talent on the hit show "Newsradio," which he was on for five seasons. Since then he has appeared on dozens of shows including Howard Stern, "Chappelle's Show," "Las Vegas," and "Mad TV." Joe filmed his latest comedy special "Talking Monkeys in Space" and it aired in June 2009 to rave reviews in the States.

The public first became aware of his gift for improvised comedy when he hosted Comedy Central's "The Man Show." Rogan's opinions on how America is being run today forged a connection with many of his viewers. All this is reflected in his standup comedy, which can only be seen to be believed. Rogan's humour will not only make you laugh, but allow you to look at the world from a different angle.

Joined as always by Manchester's very own Dave Bishop, this show promises to be one to remember.


One of the most complex and exciting stand-ups working in America today. Like an idealistic hippy stuck inside the body of a testosterone-pumped US marine. He's been likened to late great US comedians such as Bill Hicks and Sam Kinison, but although he exhibits a similar brand of furious indignation, his observations and revelations are entirely his own. His angry, insightful act is an absorbing battle between his raw libertarian instincts and his refined liberal sensibilities.

William Cook, The Guardian

He's the best comic out there. Like a water balloon filled with alcohol.

Doug Stanhope

Joe Rogan has earned a reputation as a stand-up whose material can best be described as acerbic, outspoken, vulgar, coarse, offensive, aggressive, volatile, dangerous, bitter, confrontational, cynical, sick, vile, blunt, disgusting and funny.

Austin Chronicle

Has a delivery like a chemistry experiment, always bubbling away, sometimes under control, sometimes violently, with the exhilarating chance of a dangerous explosion ever-present. He releases this energy in sharp, controlled bursts of angry characterisation, the build-up of emotion and argument packing power to the punchline.