Sat 26 May 2007

John Shuttleworth “With My Condiments”

Sheffield's most celebrated versatile singer/organist, John Shuttleworth returns with a brand new tour; and a mission: to follow in the footsteps of Jamie Oliver, and spread the word about how to enjoy a healthy diet. The now dangerously obese British public need educating, and Shuttleworth is the man to do it - whilst, no doubt, munching on a Tracker bar.

John's special guest, Dave Tordoff, will give advice on eating out in style and tips on wine tasting. "It's not rio jar, it's rioh-ka!", the sophisticated concreter from Goole, East Yorks, will explain.

Shining imagination... he makes me laugh until I cry.

The Daily Telegraph

Expect too, a rare appearance from Selly Oak's most bitter man - rock musicologist and part-time lecturer in media studies, Brian Appleton, whose advice on vegetarian cuisine, John will be seeking.

There'll be telephone support from John's dinnerlady wife, Mary, and her ex-colleague, Joan Chitty - both experts in all things culinary - plus advice on eating foreign food from next door neighbour and sole agent, Ken Worthington. "Ken likes a curry, you see!" John also plans to prepare a healthy meal on stage "I hope me mixing bowl doesn't slide off the organ", and invite audience members to sample the nourishing fayre, "But I promise I won’t be swearing like that Gordon Ramsay!"

The star of acclaimed feature film It's Nice Up North, plus numerous radio shows including The Shuttleworths, Radio Shuttleworth, and most recently John Shuttleworth's Open Mind, John will also offer a tantalising menu of delicious songs - served up on his legendary Yamaha keyboard. They include I Can't Go Back To Savoury Now, Dandelion And Burdock, Mary Had A Little Lamb (Green Beans And New Potatoes), and Two Margerines, in which John describes the horror of having two half-used tubs of marge in the fridge at one time. "Come and feast on my newfound knowledge. And don't forget to bring a little snack - just in case you get peckish!"


His ignorance is comical bliss.

The Evening Standard

An inspired creation... Spinal Tap watch your back!

The Irish Times

Punch the air to character comedy in a class of its own.

Sunday Times

The Cole Porter of the antimacassar set.

The Times