Sun 02 May 2004

Daniel Kitson

Lover, thinker, artist and prophet. Daniel Kitson is coming back, pledging his allegiance to no flag, and dancing to his own tune.

The self indulgent troubadour and merry making maverick of mirth is once more travelling around standing on various stages being funny, a bit cross about some things, quite giggly, a touch self important, rather pompous, a little sweary and bored. Free-er of minds, devour-er of truths, reject-er of laws (comedic not criminal) spread-er of joy, protect-er of innocence. A boy amongst men, a believer amongst doubters, a lover amongst haters. A pied piper of principles, come one come all and be his rats.

One of the greatest comedians the country has to offer.


Daniel took his new show A Made Up Story to the Edinburgh Festival this summer, eliciting praise for branching out in the direction of writing, theatre and storytelling. The show was described as an 'urban folk tale', a spellbinding mixture of the mundane and the magical, and proves Daniel to be an exciting new writing talent. Daniel recently finished a successful university tour around the UK and in November will take A Made Up Story for a two week run to the Soho Theatre in London. Next January he embarks on his 2004 World Tour, performing in Paris, New York, and all over the UK, before returning to Australia for the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

Last year, Daniel's profile reached new heights after his incredible four week sell out run of the show Something at the Edinburgh Festival, for which he won the coveted Perrier Award, the highest accolade in live comedy. He brought the show to Her Majesty's Theatre in October and then went on to sell out 20 nights at London's Soho Theatre in November. Following this he did his first National Tour, a 38 date tour covering the UK, Ireland and Paris, and then spent this spring performing in Australia and New Zealand.


Emotional candour, sensitivity, rancour and poetry all coalesce to create his complex, relentlessly hilarious comedy.

The Age

A cracking show... his imagination doesn't just run riot, it burns down the city with a single match. A ferocious writing talent.

The Times

Genius…a stonkingly good show.

Sunday Herald